VTC Room List

The University of Kentucky offers a variety of rooms that have video tele-conferencing capabilities. The rooms listed below have hardware based Polycom systems installed. To book any of these rooms please see the room information below each set of images.

*This list is constantly being updated*


Room: K-128

Capacity: 16

Location: Kentucky TeleCare Suite, Kentucky Clinic 1st Floor, Wing D

Booking info: Ross.Kinney@uky.edu


 Room K-116

Capacity: 40

Location: Kentucky Clinic 1st Floor Wing D

Booking Info: Dorcas.Beatty@uky.edu

Room: J524

Capacity: 30

Location: 5th Floor, Kentucky Clinic Wing D

Booking info: Anna Fugazzi - alfugazzi@uky.edu or Cheryl Songer - cheryl.songer@uky.edu


Room: K-519

Capacity: 22

Location: 5th floor, Kentucky Clinic Wing D

Booking Info:  jaime.stafford@uky.edu

Room: Pavillion A Auditorium

Capacity: 100+

Location: 1st Floor, Pavillion A

Booking Info: Laura.Atherton@uky.edu

Room: MN 680

Capacity: 18

Location: 6th Floor, Chandler Building

Booking Info: Felicia Shade - felicia.shade@uky.edu


Room: N102A

Location: 1st Floor, Chandler Building, Nursing Adminstration

Capacity: 20

Booking Info:



Room: CTW 312

Location: 3rd Floor, Weddington Building

Capacity: 25

Booking info:


Room: HG 611

Location: Chandler Hospital, Pavilion H, 6th Floor

Capacity: 153

Booking:  Astra Classroom Scheduling